Coconut Woman is Calling Out (SHF #31)

When I was (not so) young, quite (not) a long time ago, I would play all genre of music in my room….and make up dance routines to my favourite songs.
And I mean, full on, jumping off the edge of the bed into the air, twirling, bending, flailing my arms, lip synching to the lyrics…
If anyone had seen me, they would have thought I was having a seizure, I was that much into it. Which is why I confined myself to my room. Most times.
Once in a while, I would get goofy and want to share my expressive routine with my mom (mostly to provide that day’s entertainment) and would treat her to about three minutes of glorious hilarity.
One of my more notable routines was done to a Harry Belafonte song called “Coconut Woman“.
(I am laughing as I write this.)
In this song, Coconut Woman calls out the wonders of her wares – she promises the coconut to be rich in strengthening iron (make you strong like a lion!), it can pick you up when you are feelin’ glum (when enjoyed with a little rum!), and even has aphrodisiacal qualities!
Gotta get me some coconuuuuuuuuuutttttt!
You should have seen it.

No wait…actually…nevermind.


Coconut Sorbet

Simple Syrup:
1 cup water
3/4 cup granulated sugar

14 fl. ounces unsweetened organic coconut milk (this can be found in the asian section of most supermarkets)

To make the simple syrup, combine the water and sugar in a small saucepan over high heat until dissolved.
Remove from heat and whisk in the coconut milk until fully incorporated. Cover and chill mixture. When completley cool, pour mixture through a fine-mesh strainer into ice-cream maker and freeze according to manufacturer directions. (Trust me – do not skip the straining step – there will be little”chunks” from the coconut milk, and believe me, it would not be a pleasant surprise to chomp into a frozen bit of bitter grainy…stuff. So, strain your mixture.)

Garnish with a few pieces of unsweetened flaked coconut.

This sorbet is out of this world – a perfect, creamy burst of pure coconut in every bite. I think the photo speaks for itself – the purest of white, the purest of flavour, the purest refreshment…it is enough to make you want to dance – but, I don’t do those dance routines (so much) anymore. I think this is a happy alternative, don’t you? Now stop picturing me in a grass skirt and go make yourself some coconut sorbet.

PS – Be sure to check out the Sugar High Friday roundup on Friday, May 25th over at Seven Spoons! This is my contribution to this week’s theme:SHF #31 Shades of White. Thanks to Tara for hosting!

PPS – I also entered this into June 2007 DMBLGIT, hosted by Bea at La Tartine Gourmande. Check out those lovely entries, too!


13 thoughts on “Coconut Woman is Calling Out (SHF #31)

  1. First of all… I LURVE me some coconut!

    Secondly, I can definitely imagine it would be even better for jumping around. (I can’t really dance or be like rhythmic in an interesting sort of way), but have fun coming close.

    But heavenly coconut… oh, such sweet redemption! I could be tempted into foolishness.

  2. I can tell you are enjoying your new camera. that sorbet is out of this world, perfect for SHF, shades of white.
    Happy belated birthday!

  3. ellen – it is certainly worth the plunge, haha!

    s’kat – funny thing – i was dancing to that song while making it, while photographing it and while eating it all, hahaha! yeah – worth being a little silly for.

    helen – thank you so much! and yes, i am absolutely enjoying my new camera. such a blessing to have it!

    court – if that is all i need to gain your love, i will have coconut sorbet here waiting for you. every day.

  4. “I’ve got a love bunch of coconuts, twiddly dee.”
    Coconut is lovely. I bet it would be great with fresh coconut milk.

  5. I always was partial to his tune ‘Man smart. Woman smarter.’ It had a good beat for dancing! Thanks so much for your participation, the sorbet looks so perfect for the hot months ahead. Cheers!

  6. I’ve been meaning to pick up an ice cream maker.

    How about “Put a Lime in the Coconut and mix it all up?”

    I need to get an ice cream maker…

  7. I love coconut. I’ve been knonwn to swoon over a glass of young coconut juice. I will certainly be trying your recipe. Thanks for sharing it.

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