The Cherry on Top (Double Cherry Sorbet)

This has been one sweet week for me.

First, my birthday, where not only did I have a perfectly lovely day with my family, but my best friend also surprises me with a most thoughtful and perfectly planned girl’s night in, complete with food, drinks, cake and socks:

(more to come on the socks, I promise)

Yesterday, I celebrated my sixth anniversary with my awesome husband (we made it!):

(This is a most enjoyable Velletri Rosso Riserva Latium, Italy 2001, which I paired with a dish called “Pola Pola” – Artichoke Raviolinis served with two sauces: a garlic parmesan cream sauce on one half, tomato and basil marinara on the other. Yum. Caffe Boa on Mill.)

(This is the walk down to the place where he proposed.)

And today, I celebrate the privilege of being mom to two rockin’ kids.

Could life be any sweeter right now?

I submit that it could, if only a little….

Double Cherry Sorbet

adapted only a little from epicurious

  • 16 oz jar of pitted Morello cherries in light syrup
  • 1 bag pitted dark sweet cherries
  • 2 Tablespoons triple sec (or fresh lime juice)
  • 2 Tablespoons granulated white sugar
Puree all the above ingredients (inluding syrup from jarred cherries) and place in ice cream maker according to manufacturer directions. You can also place in a metal pan and stir every so often until ready to serve.


And I mean, enjoy!

Happy Mother’s Day – to all who are mothers, mentors, and good friends.
This is your day to feel appreciated and very, very sweet.

4 thoughts on “The Cherry on Top (Double Cherry Sorbet)

  1. s’kat – you cannot get any better than that, huh? haha!

    carrie – it WAS yummy. seriously.

    krys – i am TRYING to get you over here for some! sheesh!

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