So, I turned 26 today.

And it has been awesome.

I had a full day of fun, food and memories with my family.
We started with lounging around all morning in pajamas. Any day is full of promise if it begins with family, with rest, and with pajamas. Can you really ask for more?

Even my basil plant bloomed for me this morning.

We dragged oursleves away from the couch by mid-morning and headed out to one of our favourite places for lunch: the bistro at AJ’s.

Our choices for lunch included a corned beef sandwich for the husband, with a side of fruit salad and a pickle; a turkey and avocado (with mustard, lettuce, red onion) on croissant with greek salad and a pickle for moi. And gourmet pepperoni pizza for the kiddos.

We then moseyed on down the plaza and checked out all the fountains:

and then on to B&N for a little bargain book browsing, where I found a book I have wanted for quite a while: Honeymoon with my Brother, a Memoir by Franz Wisner. Don’t let the title throw you – the poor guy gets dumped a few days before his wedding, and so decides to take his honeymoon anyway, but not call it a honeymoon, and take his brother, and not his ex-bride. The memoir recounts his decision to extend his “honeymoon” and travel the globe; the people, the places, the food he experienced are all part of this most inviting story. Not to mention I purchased it for a most ridiculous clearance price that would make me want to read the history of cardboard box-making just to say I paid that little for a book. Yay for bargain books!

We finally reached the end of our afternoon, and headed home for little ones to rest:

and for me to do a little shopping (I needed new cake pans, and while I was at Ross, where I found said cake pans, I found a cute little dress also. The dress was clear across the store, but somehow it just jumped into my cart. Somehow.).
I returned home to make a comforting dinner of grilled chicken and smashed red potatoes, yum.

As my birthday closes to night, I am thankful. Thankful that I can enjoy simple things with lovely people, and that I have been so blessed in all my 26 years.
These have been good, hard, fun, full years. And I feel that I have just begun. I have so much to learn, to give, to experience – and at the end, I am determined to look back on all my life and say that it was very, very good.
So far – it has.

Thanks for sharing it with me, friends.

10 thoughts on “Twenty-Six

  1. Happy birthday! What a fun day! By the way, you look amazing in that last picture! Are you sure you were pregnant twice?!

  2. Let me add to the chorus of well-wishers waving the birthday flag! It looks like you’ve had quite a nice one.

    Congrats on the new camera, you’ll have a lot of fun playing with that!

  3. krys – hee! (yay for sunday!)

    carrie – ok, seriously, you may comment on my blog anytime. haha! thanks!

    andrea – thank you, my dear!

    s’kat – thank to you, too! and i am having WAAAY too much fun with my new camera – i think i have shot over a thousand pics already. of nothing. just because it’s fun. 🙂

    nora – thanks, friend. 🙂

  4. I love you more’n all them other people. All the way up to the ceiling. But not the kitchen one, just the one in the office.

  5. court – ummm, thanks. i think. hee!

    rose – thank you, too! thank you so much for stopping by, and for your kind words. 🙂

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