Breakfast Art

Through some hopping around from one site to another to another yesterday (instead of completing any number of tasks I should have been doing), I discovered a most intriguing blog by a photographer named Jennifer Causey:

Simply Breakfast…The Art of Breakfast

It is simply beautiful. Nothing more, nothing less, than breakfast. A photo of breakfast. Somehow, she manages to make even a photograph of some coffee and toast appear elegant and desirable. And inspiring to to make some for myself.

She also has a most astounding portfolio, found here. And a photo blog found here.

Go check it out – you will love it.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Easter holiday everybody!

More to come on our Bond night and our upcoming Easter feast soon.

6 thoughts on “Breakfast Art

  1. s’kat – yep – those are some of the most-kissed cheeks on this planet. love ’em. 🙂

    krys – haha! wow, that brings back childhood sing-song memories!

    danielle – you bet! i couldn’t keep it all to myself!

    jen – hi! thank YOU for stopping by! keep up the beautiful pics!

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