Chateau de Exhaustion

Hello. I am alive over here. Barely.

We have finally moved and mostly settled in to our new chateau:

and we have been moving, unpacking, recycling box after box after box, painting, organizing,

doing laundry, doing dishes in the most awesome dishwasher ever in the universe,

sometimes actually eating something not manufactured by kraft or taco bell, painting, have I mentioned all the painting,

painting, wallpaper removing (ugh. double ugh.) furniture assembling,

garden planting,

(my wee little basil plant! go, basil, go!)

meat, silly!

shopping, shopping and shopping (and I really dislike shopping. see last post.) and painting.

Please forgive me for dropping off the face of the internet without so much as a note. Trying to do all of the above whilst raising two small children, caring for my Best Friend (aka: The Husband) while he works long hard hours and keeping my sanity…does not allow much time for peacefully blogging about the memorable meal we last shared over candlelight. I think the last meal we had where the words “peaceful” or “memorable” or even “candlelight” could be attributed to it was in 1997. Just kidding. Taco Bell can be pretty romantic, right?

So, I am back. I may even have a few interesting things to say now that I can manage to stay awake for more than five minute increments between all the painting, and I think we just might make and eat something good today. I now have SO MUCH SPACE in my kitchen (kindof – more on that later…) and am REALLY INSPIRED to MAKE and EAT lots and lots of good food. Hope you stop by once or twice or every single moment because you just cannot WAIT to see what’s next!

See you later, crocodile….

4 thoughts on “Chateau de Exhaustion

  1. krys – i second that!

    andrea – it’s aliiiiiive! and you can come over anytime. i may be covered in paint and still in my pajamas, but come over anyway! 🙂

    s’kat – thanks! i have so missed everybody! and amen to the awesomeness of cooking in my new kitchen. it’s very awesomeness is awesome. hee!

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