A discovery

I don’t know how I actually entered “The Foodie Dimension”, but I do remember some elements that originally enticed me in:

  • The ingredients, oh, the ingredients, some that I had never heard of, some that I could not even pronounce, all that foodies wrote about with such familiarity and enjoyment that I realized what an empty [kitchen] life I was leading.
  • And the books.

Not only the cookbooks (and you may recall how much I love cookbooks) – The Donna Hays and the Julia Childs and the list goes on and on…but the other books about food and the people who are passionate about it. Sometimes I feel as though I learn more about the art of food when looking through someone else’s eyes, instead of just trying my hand at a new recipe. So, in addition to my library of cookbooks, I began a wish list of all the non-cookbook titles I kept hearing about on fellow foodie sites, and I have now finally been able to start acquiring some of them. I have at least thirty more to go (and that is just a start) but I began with the first title I placed on my list so long ago, some story about a food critic in disguise, sounded interesting, etc., etc., etc:

Garlic and Sapphires by Ruth Reichl

And I devoured it in two days.

This book is an autobiography of sorts, describing the days Ruth Reichl was a food critic for the New York Times. But that, my friends, is barely the surface. This book took me to places I did not think a simple story about a food critic could go, because it is not a simple story.
I cannot do it justice here, I will just say this: READ IT.

When I was about halfway through this book (so, yesterday, right?), there was a section where Ruth mentioned her love for a perfect pie crust, and it seemed that I had just read something strangely similar not a few days before, somewhere else. I then remembered that my most recent issue of Gourmet magazine featured pie, pie crusts, and a letter from the editor of Gourmet passionate about both. I put my book down, found my magazine and opened it to the letter from the editor and this is what I found inside:

Ruth Reichl is the Editor in Chief of Gourmet Magazine! I am sure this is not news to anyone else, but I felt as if I had discovered gold under my couch cushion. I’m RICH! What a privilege to have an intimate look inside the life of someone that is right this moment testing new recipes and ideas that I will benefit from in the next issue of Gourmet. I felt like I had just unknowingly invited a celebrity over to my home for lunch.

I am so glad I began my venture with this book, and hope that you find time to enjoy this one, too.


8 thoughts on “A discovery

  1. awwww, i love the end of this post where you’re so excited about finding your hidden “jewel”. 😉

    now… make me a pie, hahaha! (with lemon curd please, you got me thinking about those with your tarts! yum!)

  2. oooh, lemon pie – can’t wait to post about my lemon curd tartlets – they rocked the house! (ahem – if i may say so myself….haha!)

  3. *giggle*

    I adore R.R.’s books- now you need to get the rest!

    -Comfort Me With Apples
    -Tender at the Bone
    -Endless Feasts (not by her, per se, it’s a round-up of stories from Gourmet’s writers)

  4. “Comfort me with apples, for I am sick of love…”~ one of my all time favorite quotes. Song of Solomon, I believe? Would someone like to find this print for me for my birthday? I’ve only ever seen it in Louisiana. I love her stuff!

    Can’t wait to hear what you think of Julie and Julia, C. I’m adding Ruth Reichl to my list.

  5. 2:5 is the reference for that…i prefer “faint with love”, but you know, whatever.

    now…Lemon Tarts! Lemon Tarts! Lemon Tarts!

  6. So, I found you through Tali’s blog, and I found her blog through my friend Abby’s blog. I go to church with Abby at a Sovereign Grace church near Baltimore.

    Anyway,I just wanted to tell you I love food and I love your blog. I’ve had “Garlic and Sapphires” on my book list for a while now, and you just inspired me to get it sooner than later. Thanks!

  7. s’kat – i have added ALL her books to my wishlist now, thanks for the list! 🙂

    jamie – i just got my Julie/Julia yesterday! i cannot WAIT to start reading it!

    krys – the tarts are coming! someday! haha!

    garrett – wasn’t it such a fun read? i couldn’t put it down. literally, it took me two days to finish it. i cannot wait to read the rest.

    danielle – hi! nice to meet you! thanks for hanging out over here. 🙂 let me know how you enjoy the book! i would like to post more book reviews up here, so stay tuned…

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