Move Over, Wally World, A New Store’s in Town…

I have a strong aversion to shopping. Especially if I need to grab a couple things at the grocery store and it happens to fall on peak crazy-people shopping hour, where heaven forbid there should be a free sample stand between me and my gallon of milk; I will never make it there due to all the self-entitled wackos that NEED TO GET THEIR FREE SAMPLE.

Isn’t there a better way? Actually, yes, now there is.

My dear internet guardian angel just e-mailed me with this incredible, earth-shattering news:

Did you hear the heavenly choir just crescendo? NOW SELLS GROCERIES!!!! (non-perishable ones, fyi)

I may never have to go to another store again. Except for my gallon of milk. Darn it.


9 thoughts on “Move Over, Wally World, A New Store’s in Town…

  1. I’ve already got like $300 worth of stuff on a shopping list! haha!

    I MAY be able to cut out my grocery store and only have to go to Sprouts! Unfortunately there are no “store brand” labels, so the cheap garbage bags i normally would get arent on there…but if i can cut my trip to the store down to just once a month or less, that would ROCK!

  2. I buy everything online – dvds, books, office supplies, when I lived in NYC I did the thing… but when it comes to groceries, I have to go in. I need to see my produce and examine the kinds of cheese they have this week and you never know when you spy a lovely cucumber that makes you reach for the greek yogurt and fresh dill. I LOVE grocery shopping.

    But seriously, Shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc? Right to your door? AWESOME.

  3. J, amazon is only selling non-perishables…so yeah, this is just like in that you are getting your toiletries, but going one step further in that you can get your crackers and cereal there too. and in bulk sizes, and free super saver shipping!

    i’m sold.

  4. While I hate shopping in general, I do like food shopping. I can’t picture shopping for food online unless it’s a weird specialty you can’t get in your hometown (which, for me, is everything).

  5. I think it’s kinda scary that soon we’ll just get everything from one place or over the net. Surely the whole point about food is that you want to touch it and smell it, pick what’s ripe, pick what YOU will like etc.

    Nope, not a fan of all this mass-marketed food thing…

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