California Dreamin’

I, my dear friends, am off to a much-needed weekend in beautiful California.

We have a seminar to attend over the next few days, bad cafeteria food included. Yum-MY! In every spare moment, I will be sneaking out, er, waiting for each session to end, so I can soak up every last inch of sand and surf in La Jolla. We get to stay on the UCSD campus, which is RIGHT off the beach – woot! I have my french press packed and at the ready for my mornings on the balcony, cool ocean air playing at my hair, seagulls singing a far off melody…. Sigh….I feel happy and rested already.

We have been at an insane pace here at home, keeping at the ready for every potential sale that walks through and admires/dislikes the space we have made our home for five wonderful years. (still waaaaaaaaaaitiiiiiiiiing) We need a break. I cannot wait to tear out of here first thing in the morni…oh, wait, it is morning now…

I am so looking forward to making my next set of California memories to return and share with you. The last time I was at the beach? Two summers ago. Way, waaaaaaay too long for this girl. I first discovered my love for bogie boarding that summer, and stayed in the water catching sweet waves for hours. (I would love to learn how to actually surf, but Arizona is not a very hospitible environment.) Just me and the waves. It was beautiful, I tell you. The sand between my toes, the shells my son found at his fingertips, the long walks up and down the shore with the guy I will be in love with forever. Peaceful. Incredible. INCREDIBLE.

I am, and always will be at heart, a California Girl.
A girl who will most certainly be dreamin’ tonight.

See you soon!
(here are a few pics taken on our last trip to cali – terrible quality, but can’t you see how much awesome FUN we were having? it will be funny to see the difference then to now…)

(i love this guy. he rocks my world.)

(it keeps coming to my feet!)

(horsing around)

(on the road again)

4 thoughts on “California Dreamin’

  1. Fan-freakin’-tastic photos, I can only imagine that this year will be even better!

    Have much fun, much love, much life!

  2. Hope you’re having fun. I think this is the first time I’ve seen you. You look awfully happy 😀 The westcoast life suits you 😉

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