"I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours"

Are you the kind of person who goes into someone’s bathroom and is very tempted to take a peek into their medicine cabinet? Do you make a quick study of the home you have been invited into before smiling and politely engaging in converation? Curious to see how your host really lives when there are no formalities, no cocktail parties, no need to suppress that really loud belch after downing a soda? Yeah, you KNOW I am talking to you! Not that we ever DO look in other people’s medicine cabinets (do you?), but there is always a desire to see the relatable side of people – the REAL man behind the mask. After the extravagant Duck l’Orange is cleared away, the chocolate decadant dessert polished off, the lemon drops drained, what do people eat for breakfast the next day?

A look into their fridge is a great start.

No, I am not suggesting you steal away to the kitchen at your next formal dinner party….I am suggesting you sit right there and look into MY fridge! Why not? I happened upon a blogging event creatively thought up by Sweetnicks: “I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours #1” and thought I would bare my soul to you, my guest.

Here is what you may find on any given week in my fridge:

In the door:

The whole picture:

And three things you will always find in our fridge:

cherry tomatoes


an assortment of old wines to cook with

And what I NEVER have in there? Mushrooms. Bleeah.

What’s in YOUR fridge?
(follow my link to sweetnicks to participate by friday!)


8 thoughts on “"I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours"

  1. As a fellow tomato lover… I feel compelled to tell you that those beauts will taste better and last longer if you leave them at room temp. Not in direct sunlight… just put ’em in a bowl on the counter. (At my house they often live with lemons, apples, pears, at least one onion, and usually a sweet potato. Dogs and cats, living together– mass hysteria!!)

    And I LOVE this post! Perhaps I’ll get down to pictures of mine this evening.

    V. creative!!

  2. yes, ma’am, i do know…but alas, my little sweltering oven of a kitchen kills all my tomatoes within a DAY if i leave them out…wilted, rotten and dejected…fruit flies included.

    and plus, i really, really love cold, crisp little tomatoes in my salad.

    i am a bad tomato keeper, i know.

    but yay! we might get to see jamie’s fridge! be sure to send a note to sweetnicks if you post! 🙂

  3. sheesh. my fridge looks like a bomb went off in it compared to yours! there is absolutely NO rhyme or reason to it. i think i have like three different, half-used tubs of sour cream in there, and about half a dozen tupperwares of leftovers scattered amongst everything.

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