…Lemon and Mint Infused Orange Granita!

Remember this hint from yesterday?

This is a lemon-and-mint infused simple syrup. Although the name is quite a mouthful, it really is still a simple syrup, and makes an awesome addition to your basic granita recipe, let me tell you!!! Here is how you can make it:

Simmer 1 cup each sugar and water, and half a lemon (zest it prior to juicing and cut into large pieces) over medium heat for 10 minutes. (Save some of the lemon zest – a couple teaspoons to mix in later) Remove the syrup from heat, add a few mint sprigs and allow to “steep” for about 20 minutes. Strain to remove lemons and mint.

Now, to make the remainder of the Orange Granita:
Juice about a million oranges given to you by a kind neighbor who happens to have a tree laden with said million oranges:

I ended up with

  • three cups of fresh-squeezed orange juice (I honestly cannot remember how many oranges I juiced – perhaps 20 very small ones?),
  • I added about a half cup of the simple syrup,
  • a couple teaspoons lemon zest,
  • poured into a square baking dish and froze for about an hour.

When I went to stir the ice up a bit, I found this:

Isn’t that pretty? You can see the crystals forming leaf-like patterns all across the surface.

After stirring every couple hours through the afternoon and early evening, I ended up with a perfectly refreshing and surprising treat!

The mint left a smooth and subtle trace in every bite, and the lemon syrup and zest served to really brighten it up! I do think next time I may try a mix of lemon and orange juices.
Or, just a lemon granita, perhaps!

The possibilities are endless!


8 thoughts on “…Lemon and Mint Infused Orange Granita!

  1. If there is not a lemon granita waiting for me next time I come to AZ… well, I might just turn around and go home.

  2. man! that looks so good!! i think it dropped ten degrees in here just from looking at those pictures!

    you will be bringing this to the birthday bash dinner…orange, lemon, lime, whatever…bring it!

  3. this is the essence of summer in the plate. I love everything about your recipe. It is as if I could feel the freshness just by looking at the picture. Superb! Funny as I made two sorbets today 😉

  4. Krys – haha! ok! ok! i will bring some to the birthday bash! i am currently working on my next variation…. *hiccup!*

    bea – thank you so much! i think i am blushing, everybody! really, this was SO EASY!!!! and SO GOOD!!! haha – if i may say so myself….ahem. 🙂

  5. Gimmee gimmee. That’s so totally not fair that you have an orange laden neighbour. I’m sure fresh ones are better than store bought.

  6. nerissa – you know, i’ll bet even store bought oranges that are squeezed at home would be perfect!

    s’kat – haha! i loved your guess on this one…a little enthusiastic – haha! 🙂 i have actually never had lemoncello, but i think i need to add that to my cabinet. 🙂

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