C is for Cookbook, That’s Good Enough For Me

Do you love books as much as I do?

Every time I walk into a bookstore, I pause, take in a deep breath, and can’t help but feel peaceful. I love the smell of fresh ink on paper, the pages themselves, the binding…the varying textures and designs the covers have to offer, the thickness or fragility of the pages, and the great unknown of what each story promises.

I especially feel that way about old books and cookbooks.

I have a collection of old novels from the 1800’s and early 1900’s,

My grandpa’s textbooks from the fifties (he was frighteningly smart!),

And you may recall some old cookbooks I now have that are from the sixties. I love love love books! You never know what gem you may find.

I have had a few particularly trying days this week, and last night, I had the pleasure of forgetting all about them and unwinding with my Best Friend (The Husband) at our local B&N. Ahhhhhh. [insert sigh of relief here] We browsed the bargain shelves, introduced ourselves to the latest fiction titles, and then ended up, surprise…in the cookbook section. After a few moments, I found the one I have had my eye on for a while so I could browse through it in a comfy chair before we needed to put it back and return home (new cookbooks can be expensive!), and The Husband pulled it out of my hands and into the pile of books we had been accumulating to purchase. Surprise! A new cookbook for the (almost) birthday girl. A PERFECT way to de-stress, I tell you. A Thoughtful Husband and a New Cookbook! And even a 2 pump Hazelnut Latte from the in-house Starbucks. Doesn’t get any better than that!

The Cookbook I am so excited to now be the proud owner of is Donna Hay’s Off The Shelf:Cooking From The Pantry, recently mentioned in this post by The Food Whore, to whom I am forever grateful!!! I had never before heard of Donna Hay, and I was truly deprived! Her books are clean, simple, easy to read and very inspiring. In this particular cookbook, Donna Hay takes you through basic ingredients your pantry should always store, the reasons why, the descriptions of each, and then recipes that feature those basic ingredients (plus a few fresh ingredients that would be easily obtained any given day).

I am SO EXCITED to read her book cover to cover, get to know my basic pantry needs and get organized!!!

In my next post, I will share with you some other titles that I have recently discovered and added to my MUST GET THIS VERY VERY SOON list. No more cookbook deprivation around here!!!

What are some of your favourites, must-haves, and must-gets?


2 thoughts on “C is for Cookbook, That’s Good Enough For Me

  1. my favs are definitely my old Betty Crocker’s Cookie Book and Cake Decorating, and Better Homes and Gardens Cake and Cookie Recipes. sorry, no links as they are terribly old and the new versions are obviously not the exact same.

    i love to look at pictures of creatively decorated cakes and cookies. YUM!

  2. I’ve spent a goodly portion of my adult life working in bookstores, and now I work at a library. Two guesses as to how I really feel about books. 😉

    I’ve heard so much about Donna Hay, thanks to all of the Australian food-bloggers, so I can’t wait to see what you cook up!

    Must-haves? Julia, Marcella, and my Mother-in-Law’s cookbooks have left the cookbook shelf for a permanent home close at hand in the kitchen.

    I frequently refer to the new Gourmet Cookbook, How To Cook Everythng, and Baking with Julia.

    Eyes on the prize? How about:

    Digital Dish, by a wealth of food bloggers.
    American Pie, since I too am always on the search for perfect pizza.
    And, while not a cookbok, I’m anxiously awaiting the release of The Nasty Bits. Dish it, Tony!

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