A snack to tide you over

Remember the Great Ikea Itch of ’06?

Every time I make the trek over to the Big Blue Wonderland, I fully intend to pick up a jar of Lingonberry preserves, and every time, I forget. Why? Because the food section is ever so carefully placed AFTER the registers, and leaves me with a moral dilemma of “do I leave my cart and items being checked out to blitz through the food aisles and grab whatever I can before the cashier also scans my kids, and someone runs off with my new linens and all the people behind me in line stare menacingly into the back of my head” or “do I casually walk PAST the check out lanes with all my unpurchased plunder and take my time carefully handling each food item, planning a gastronomic crusade and hope the security guard doesn’t think I am that person who grabs and dashes…”

It is madness, I tell you.

So, last time I was there, as I began perspiring at the thought of what to do…WHAT TO DO???!!! A voice came down from the heavens and said “Behold, I have placed a giant display of lingonberry preserves before thee this very day, and it is on thy way unto the cash registers, so thou dost not need to perspire and talk unto thyself so, as thou art scaring away the customers.”

And behold, there they were. BEFORE the cash registers. The lingonberry angel was looking after me that day. And here is that Holy Grail of Swedish preserves:

Isn’t that pretty? Little red balls of sweet tart tangy goodness! I dub lingonberry preserves “The Mini Cranberry Sauce”. I love cranberries. These were a sweeter, smaller version.

And served with some double cream brie,

over some black pepper poppy seed crackers (al a Trader Joe’s), it was worth the moral dilemma, the trek to the Big Blue Store, and the waiting all this time to finally remember to get a jar:

So there you have it. A snack to tide you over.


5 thoughts on “A snack to tide you over

  1. It just goes to show you that the gods are truly capricious beings. 😉

    I’ve never had lingonberry, but luuuurrrvvve cranberries, so I’ll definately be seeking it out!

  2. Sister, you are MY kind of snacker!!! I love lignonberries, and I looooooove brie with fruit. GAH.

    And because I am the girl that can provide you a Friends quote for every occasion:

    Joey: Remember when you were little and your mom would drop you off at the movies with a jar of jam and a spoon?

    Rachel: You’re so pretty.

    From TOW Monica made all the jam to get over Richard- “I need a plan! A plan to get over my man! And what’s opposite of man? JAM.”

  3. Wow… I have more willpower (or stupidity) than I thought. I have the very same said lingonberry spread from my own IKEA adventure. I STILLLLL haven’t used it. I’m one of those people who has a little food treasure and then is terrified to use it for fear of destroying it with a lousy recipe. I have an IKEA jar of cloudberry sauce doing the same slow shuffle on the shelf for the same reason.

  4. s’kat – if you love cranberries, this is the preserve for you! keep in mind this is alot sweeter than your average tart cranberry sauce, so if you are into that, then…SOLD! 🙂

    krys – pancakes!!! genius!!! i knew i kept you around for a reason…

    jamie – haha! thanks for that, i’ll log that away…

    nerissa – open it! that’s the beauty of cheese and fruit – you really cannot mess that combination up! you could even try cream cheese or how about sour cream and lingonberry preserves over french toast…mmmmmm!!!
    and cloudberry sauce? i have not been acquainted with that – do tell!!! *clicks over to ikea website*

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