Wanting WonTons

Sometimes, for no reason whatsoever, I get a food craving. It has nothing to do with a pregnancy, or that time that inevitably comes around each month(for a woman)…or anything, for that matter. It just happens. And when it happens, it happens with a vengeance. I must have whatever it is I am craving, and I must have it now.

When I was about 12 or 13, and I had an insatiable craving for a pickle. Yes, that’s right – a pickle. Dill. (can’t stand sweet or bread and butter – bleah. Must be dill!) And of course, there were NO PICKLES ANYWHERE in our house. My Grandma happened to stop by the next day (I still had the craving…in the morning, even), offered to go to the store for my mom, and let me go with her (bless you, Grandma). We stopped by the deli to purchase some meats and cheeses, and behold, a barrel of monstrous dill pickles sat in all its glory on the deli counter. I did not even had to ask, as my grandma realized my desperation for a pickle when she noticed me caressing the jar and speaking tender words to it…

Just kidding.

She did buy me a Monster Deli Dill Pickle that day, and I savored every bite.

Ahhh, memories. All of mine seem to involve food.

Enough reminiscing…on to my point. I just wanted you to understand the intensity that consumes me when a food craving has set in, so that when I inform you that I had a Chinese food craving the other day, you will roll your eyes, nod your head knowingly, and say, “oh, yes…she had another one of her cravings…”

So, I had a Chinese food craving the other day.

It was a craving that lasted longer that any other I can remember, and it would seem that everyone around me, television characters included, were enjoying Chinese food, and I was left to long, and hope, and drool. So I finally set to work to stop the madness, and this is part of what I came up with:

I also made a schezwan zucchini stir fry with dan dan noodles, but that was not successful, and will need some work before I am not too embarrassed to tell you about it.
Back to the Won Tons:
I had won ton wrappers in my fridge, softened up some cream cheese and added chopped green onions, filled the wrappers, sealed according to instruction on the packaging, and fried up these little babies in some hot, hot oil. Note I said Hot, Hot oil. And note what I did not say – I sealed them rather quickly (the craving had reached a level of desperation that had me working FAST) and remember also the Hot Hot oil.

One by one, I dropped the WonTons into the hot hot oil, and one by one they turned golden and crisp, the cheese filling smooth and hot…and then one, remember the quickly sealed wontons? Yes, one, not sealed so well, popped OPEN and offered its cream cheese filling to the Hot Hot oil, and the ENTIRE kitchen, cook included, was covered in HOT HOT OIL.

But the rest of those little WonTons were sure good. My craving has been held at bay, and after I am done healing my HOT HOT battle wounds, I will set to finishing off my Chinese food craving once and for all.

Or maybe I will just order out next time.


7 thoughts on “Wanting WonTons

  1. now *I* want Chinese food.

    those look amazing, btw. I love that you make GARNISH when you’re just cooking for yourself. 🙂

  2. this is for your Ikea post earlier….

    Rachel: “So basically you guys get your ya-ya’s by taking money from all of your friends.”

    Chandler: “Yeah, and I get my ya-ya’s from Ikea. You have to put them together yourself, but they cost a little less.”

  3. I’ve had an experience with HOT, HOT oil and it was about my undoing. My family now teases me to no end about “corn fritters”: “Nora, this isn’t like the corn fritters is it? You’re not going to have a melt down because of the frying are you?”
    Ha ha ha…. the things we do for food…the things we put our bodies through 🙂

  4. Oh dear… hot oil and I have a long relationship but food always wins out over panic-attack inducing splurts of oil. My last attempt at actual wontons was a complete fiasco but perhaps that was because they were steamed. I must FRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! hahahahaha…

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