The Ikea Itch

Every year about this time, I get an Ikea Itch. I start envisioning more organization in my pantry, fresh linens on the bed, new curtains….

It just so happens that the itch falls around the time for tax returns (and with two kids, that can be SWEET!), so it is a rather convenient craving. I have been cutting, pasting, wishing, drooling…and finally completed my wish list, waited with bated breath for the delivery of our Income Tax Return, and yesterday…yesterday, I WENT TO IKEA!!!!!! Woo Hoo!

I am busy assembling my Kitchen’s New Look, and will post pics very soon!!!

Here’s a sneak peak:


7 thoughts on “The Ikea Itch

  1. i love love love the fact that you can put your measuring cups up there!!!! awesome!!

    and how much do you love french press coffee?? so smooth and silky, eh? yum.

  2. really? I am not a huge fan of the french press coffee, myself, although I use it for loose leaf tea quite a bit!

    Love the magnetic strip… I keep my knives over my stove like that and it’s GREAT!

  3. never thought of using it for tea. yes, i love how slick coffee is in the french press, you can literally see the coffee bean oil on top! love it.

  4. ikea rocks, everybody! nuff said! everything was cheep cheep cheep!

    i have had french press coffee EVERY MORNING. smooth! if you have never tried it, you should.

    bea – did you find anything new for your kitchen? πŸ™‚

    and daintee, yep – the candles were literally 2 bucks! love it!

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