You’re FIRED…er, FRIED!

The other day, I read about some fried zucchini that the Amateur Gourmet made for a dinner party and decided to follow suit for our dinner last night. I decided to mix things up a bit and add some eggplant in with my zukes – mmmmm, mmmmmm!
You just can’t go wrong with FRIED.
Or can you…

I ran from kitchen to computer and back again as I prepared this EASY (so one would think) appetizer, following Adam’s instructions:

“Take flour. Take beer. That’s 1 1/2 cups beer and 1 cup flour (or is it the other way around? It doesn’t really matter) and mix that together. Put through a strainer so it comes out looking like pancake batter. Let it sit for an hour.”

Only difference being that I had no beer in the house, so I used some old white wine. And forgot to strain the mixture. Kinda stupid.

“Meanwhile, cut up zucchini into sticks: about 2 inches long and 1/4 inch wide.”

I somehow managed to accomplish this successfully. And the eggplant, too.

“Toss the sticks in a flour, salt, pepper mixture.”

I somehow missed this part. More to come.

“Heat vegetable oil to 375. Now line everything up: That’s zucchini, batter and the heated oil. Take the zucchini dredged in flour, shake it out in a colander, dip in the batter, shake off and carefully place in the oil.”

Yeah. So, I did the batter dipping first. Then the flour mixture. Then the frying.

“Let it get golden brown (about three minutes) and then drain on paper towels.”

I did manage this part ok. Somehow.

And ended up with this:

So, ok, not so bad, right? They tasted great, if not on the flour-ey side. And I think the lightness of the batter came from the wine.

And my stupidity.

I think I am a bit fried.


2 thoughts on “You’re FIRED…er, FRIED!

  1. if you missed the flour in the beginning, there wasnt really a need to put it on later…the flour is there to give the batter something to stick to on the veggie. just fyi for future reference. 😉

    never heard of “wine-battered” veggies! way to get creative with it!

    now do WHAT with the batter??? *runs to check recipe*

  2. oh well, looks like they were tasty anyway…remember try frying in rice oil…better for you than vegetable oil which is soybean oil.

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