Any Suggestions?

The other day, I was shopping at one of my all-time favourite stores, Trader Joe’s, for my weekly gamut of salad stuff, cheese puffs, bread, pasta and wine, when something whispered as I walked by the delicious jams and jellies aisle – “Hey! I’m new! Look at meeeeeeeeeeeeee…..”

Of course, I looked. And the voice came from an unexpected source:

I have never ever ever tried nutella before (ever!), …so when this cool little nutella-like jar started conversing with me, naturally I was in. (I am used to inanimate objects saying things, so that did not seem unusual to me. Don’t you ever watch Sesame Street?)

Now, however, I am facing a dilemma.
How could you be facing a dilemma with THIS on your spoon, you ask?

Well, besides the fact that I opened it the moment I got home and indulged myself in a giant “taste test”, I am not quite sure how else to enjoy it. I have read that it is commonly spread on crepes by street vendors in France (I am SO trying that for breakfast tomorrow!), but beyond that, I am at a loss.

Any suggestions, friends?

The only other way I could think of to enjoy my new Cocoa Hazelnut Spread was this:

Can’t beat that, I guess.

I look forward to your suggestions, recipes, and comments!

3 thoughts on “Any Suggestions?

  1. two words for you:

    shortbread cookies.

    And also, I’m sooooo jealous that MESA has a Trader Joe’s and Dallas doesn’t. It’s my all-time favorite grocery store. *pouts*

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