Homemade HTML

Hey everybody! You may have noticed some things are a little

different…and we here at Making Food Eating Food strive to make everyone happy.

But too bad if you don’t like it. (just kidding. kind of.)

This is a work in progress as I learn not only to cook and bake and create food, I am also learning how to cook and bake and create html. Is something burning?

Hope you enjoy the changes, more are to come, but I have a life outside HTML, so it may take a few days. Or until midnight, because I can’t…….stop………..changing things………….


So, thanks for reading, thanks for commenting (and if you read and don’t comment, please do! I would love to “meet” you!) and thanks for your patience…….and, *gulp* for your upcoming input!



3 thoughts on “Homemade HTML

  1. hey! you just MADE my day! 🙂

    yes, i do take all my own pics (unless it happens to be the bust of caesar, then i leave it to the professionals…)with my little Kodak Easy Share CX7330.

    i am glad you like my fork pic! thanks! 🙂

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