No More No More

So sorry for my absence.

I have been eating nothing but pizza pizza for the past WEEK.

I started the week off by making my own homemade pizza pizza, not knowing that fate had already set the take out menu for the REST OF MY LIFE to be pizza pizza. A couple days later, we had a movie night with friends (Alias, baby! Season 4!) where we brought the first round of the take-out pizza pizza (why??? why??!!), and then a lunch date with friends a few days after that who in turn brought the pizza pizza and left the leftover pizza pizza that I in turn had to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner for the next two days, and then a certain little boy’s third birthday party where, did I happen to mention….we had pizza pizza. except it was more like pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza. And one of those pizza pizzas was left entirely uneaten, so therefore has been mocking me to eat its pizza pizzaness lest I be a terrible food-waster.

I am now officially a terrible food waster.

I cannot eat another piece of pizza pizza if I wanted to.

At least until next week when someone else brings one over.


One thought on “No More No More

  1. I make my own pizza (own crust, own sauce) and would be happy to send you the recipe if you would like.

    It’s pretty good, if I do say so myself.

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