what a crepe

I just could not face another bowl of cereal for breakfast today.

I wanted to create! I wanted to become a mad scientist, creating evil plots to feed the masses something other than sugar-coated, cocoa-filled, puffed and crisped monstrosities!

I looked in my fridge for inspiration.

I found a couple moldy potatoes (promptly discarded) and a bowl with something growling at me (Ran screaming from the kitchen. Bowl crawled out of the fridge and let itself out of the house).

I looked deeper. Aha! A mango and a container of blackberries beconed. Something could come of this.

But what?

Then, the lightbulb turned on. How about I do THIS:

Peel the mango.

Take a picture of how pretty the mango is. Mangle the rest of the mango. Don’t take a picture of the massacre. It will shock the weak of stomach.

Make a delicious blackberry sauce with, well, blackberries (genius), lime juice and sugar. Place in a pan and simmer for about ten minutes until berries are niiiiiiiiiice and tender, and the juices have begun to thicken.

Place the concoction in a food processor, and murder the blackberries. Watch juice splatter everywhere. Laugh an evil laugh.

Use a kitchenaid to blend eggs, milk, flour, sugar, salt and cinnamon. Place three tablespoons of crepe batter in a skillet warmed over med heat. Flip over after a few moments until each side is golden brown.

Fill crepes with creepy blackberry bloo…sauce and mangoes and a bit of sour cream (or whipped cream if you prefer sweet). Make it pretty. Now take a picture.

Eat it. Laugh another evil laugh.


3 thoughts on “what a crepe

  1. “what a load of crepe!”


    this posted twice btw…

    bryce had cereal for breakfast, just one bowl. but then a whole banana, and part of my yummy not-so-breakfasty sandwich.

    toast bread…spread avocado onto one side….dice up some red onion and sprinkle on top….a little salt and pepper….a little garlic powder….a few tender romaine tops…end with the other slice of toasted bread.


  2. *munches her New York bagel (everything with scallion cream cheese)*

    I will be blogging about Russian food shortly!

    Another good syrup, I saw somewhere, C, is fresh-squeezed orange juice and balsamic vinegar, reduced. Sounds DIVINE to me.

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