not your pb&j

Lunch is a struggle for me. It comes at an awkward time of the day when I have just cleaned the kitchen, am busy running around, chasing kids, doing laundry or some other highly productive task such as staring at the laundry and making wine charms instead, and preparing for THE event of the day…Dinner.

Lunch gets neglected in the process. It is either deep fat fried from any number of make-it-in-a-flash-for-a-couple-bucks type places, or good ‘ol pb&j.

And I strongly dislike pb&j.

I have a borderline hatred for it.

But my kid likes it, so I keep my opinion to myself. and i frequently just go without eating anything for the dreaded lunch hour. Healthy, kindof.

In an effort to reverse the malnutrition around here, I decided to create this for myself:

seen here is now my favourite lunch: brenton crackers topped with honey mustard, munster cheese, smoked turkey breast, roma tomato and salt and pepper. i was satisfied after five of these and some lemon yogurt. Mmmmmm.

Move over pb&j. You lose.


3 thoughts on “not your pb&j

  1. those look yummy! except for the honey mustard part.

    I’ve never been much of a sandwich girl, myself. I’m frequently eating cheese or hummus on crackers, and olives. Why do I eat olives for lunch every single day?

    Chanelle! I’m going to eat at Paymon’s tonight. You would looooove it. Yes I AM having hummus!

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