it all started early

I have a certain friend that has joined a club of prom-posting picture fiends, and I have been “invited” to do the same. One problem. I never went to prom. I never went to high school. No, no, I am not illiterate (wait…how do you spell that?); I finished my high school education in the tenth grade by taking my GED and starting some college classes soon thereafter. So I never had all the drama, heartbreak, gossip….or the prom dates.
Actually, I am not sad about that at all. I was a nerd anyway, and would have been miserable.
For the record, I am still a nerd.

So, instead of posting my non-existant prom photographs, I thought I would go a little further back, and show you where it all began:

This is my grandma, Marlene, feeding me. The eating started right away. And never stopped.

Notice all the Christmas gifts PILED behind me. And all I wanted was to gum the measuring cup.

And of course, I knew how to locate the phone anywhere I went.

Notice the retro can of Sprite. And the cute kid with her dad.

I knew cell phones would catch on eventually.

Ok, am I not just way cute? Mmmmmm, pizza.

I was practicing here for my phone marathons with my “certain friend”…. not sure about the hat, though.

And here, making a wish on an orange marmalade cake for world peace and all that nice stuff. Or just wishing to get some nice stuff.

I’m hungry. And I think I need to go make a phone call.


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