tray for two.

I love having a serving tray. It makes the presentation of a simple meal so much more fun.

Tonight, I made a simple white chicken chili and wanted to make some cornbread to go with, but discovered that I was out of eggs AND sugar. HOW can I not know i am out of eggs? AND sugar? What the hey? Must be due to the chaos that ensues from having two children under the age of three, potty training one whilst the other is teething. Makes one’s mind go a little.
Sooo, what was I saying again?
Oh yes, so, I opened the fridge and discovered half a loaf of french bread and decided to make that work. I buttered and garlic-salted some slices and broiled them to perfection, made some basmati medley rice to serve under the chili, topped each bowl with a little sour cream and………..

the funness of the tray:

And the husband saw it and said it was very good.


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